Life on Campus

Raha Talebinejad studies for an exam in the CLA First! office. CLA First! is a cohort program for freshmen.

Raha Talebinejad

  • Class of 2015

  • Photographer, X-Men Street Team

If you see Raha Talebinejad (’15) on campus, she’ll have a digital or video camera in her hand, she’ll definitely be promoting an event on campus, and she might be making an “X” with her hands.
Talebinejad is a member of the X-Men Street TEAM, which is a student group formed in the fall of 2011 to promote groups and services available on campus.

“At the end of our meetings, we ‘X out,’ which is our symbol. Whenever we see each other, whenever we greet one another, we show off the symbol so we know we’re representing the program,” Talebinejad says.


Talebinejad says the social life on campus is one of her favorite parts of being a student at UMass Boston. In addition to serving as the photographer for the X-Men Street TEAM, she’s also involved in the Black Student Center and Casa Latina.

Talebinejad wants to be a preschool teacher when she graduates in 2015. Her freshman year she was involved in CLA First!, a cohort program for freshmen students in the College of Liberal Arts. Students are placed in four to five small classes with the same students, based on their major.

“It’s a lot easier. If you have a question or if you’re struggling with an exam or anything, you can just ask [the other students in your group] or the professors. Through the CLA First! program, I met my two best friends,” Talebinejad says.

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