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Robert Carter works in one of UMass Boston’s chemistry labs.

Robert Carter

  • Chemistry Department Chairman; BA, College of Wooster; PhD, University of Kansas

  • Cyclist, painter, best-selling author

How many award-winning chemistry professors do you know who are also avid long-distance cyclists, accomplished painters, and best-selling authors?

Meet Robert Carter, winner of the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2010 and author of Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory, a bestseller in academic circles.

Realizing Dreams
During his 40-year tenure with the University of Massachusetts Boston, Carter has taught more than 12,000 students.

“Two of the founders of Green Chemistry were in my freshman Chemistry class,” Carter remarks with pride. “One of my favorite students just got accepted to nine medical schools. It is enormously satisfying to help students realize their dreams.”

The distinguished teaching award committee came to the same conclusion as his students in 2010, saying the chemistry professor has been “an inspirational teacher and mentor who has shaped the thinking of his students in all fields, not only chemistry, and in their varied career paths.” 

Leaders in Green Chemistry
UMass Boston developed the first PhD program in Green Chemistry— chemistry for environmental and economic sustainability.

“Chemistry has evolved greatly over the course of my career,” Carter says, “especially with regard to awareness of the impact of the practice of chemistry on society and the environment. Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory. ... Green Chemistry has become the unifying theme of our department’s research and teaching at all levels.”

Carter says the caring faculty at UMass Boston makes the school stand out.

“We really do have the success of our students at heart.”

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