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Family of sites

The sites on caps.umb.edu represent the family of educational courses, programs, certificates, and the like offered by the College of Advancing and Professional Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Information on site

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the various pages of College of Advancing and Professional Studies website(s) at the time of publication, but the information is subject to change. This site is neither a contract nor an offer to make a contract.

Browser Preference

The various sites of caps.umb.edu are best viewed via the latest versions of Safari, FireFox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. The site(s) incorporates the use of stylesheets (.css) for optimal style and design. The site(s) also uses a number of javascripts covering things like random image displays to dissemination of specific information via pop-up windows.

Pop-Up Windows

The various sites of caps.umb.edu incorporate the use of "pop-up" windows to disseminate specific information, i.e. course descriptions. These windows open up on a voluntary basis (user-click).


We encourage our viewers to offer us any feedback they feel may improve our quality of service, including any technical issues you may be experiencing. Please send all comments to capsweb@umb.edu

Alternative Format

Information on our site(s) is also available in alternative formats, i.e. print. For more about this, please contact our office at 617.287.7900 or email us at caps@umb.edu