The ACEP program provides the educational component of the required three-part qualification for either national certification or Massachusetts state licensure as a substance abuse clinician. The required coursework is delivered in two modules, the core program of 190 hours and practicum, which meets eligibility to take the exam; and the two electives that combined provide the full 270-hour education requirement.

Assistance is provided in the other two aspects of licensure/certification, the written exam and 6000 hours work experience, by providing a two-day workshop on preparing for the exam; and the 300-hour practicum requirement of the program that allows students to access potential employment sources and build the experience area of their resume. Many students are hired by their practicum sites, and assignments given in class allow students to meet many treatment providers and learn about others.

Core Courses

  • Use and Abuse of Alcohol and other Drugs in Society
  • The Delivery of Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
  • Counseling the Alcoholic and Other Chemically Dependent Persons
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Family and Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Treatment

Electives and Workshops

The electives fulfill the total education requirements begun in the Certificate Curriculum, or can be taken for continuing education credits for recertification or personal enrichment.

Electives and workshops are currently offered, with more to come, in areas including; Criminal Justice; Dual Diagnoses; Gambling and other Process Addictions. The current electives include:

  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse
  • Gambling: The Hidden Addiction
  • Pre-Sentencing Mitigation