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The DigitalChalk (DC) training series is intended for several audiences. Most students who complete the ACEP certificate will seek to obtain the state license or other national credential(s). Some of these students lack the additional 80 educational hours required to obtain the license or other national credential(s) — though they can sit for the exam with only the requirements of the certificate. The DC training series courses offer an affordable, convenient, and flexible way to obtain the additional hours needed for initial certification. Other audiences include practitioners seeking re-certification and people from other disciplines who seek knowledge in these individual content areas.

There are several advantages of DigitalChalk (DC) distance learning at UMass Boston. Students can register and complete DC offerings at any time. This means that if students need 40 educational hours (4.0 CEUs) for re-credentialing with a deadline of the end of the month, they can acquire the hours by the deadline. Once students have successfully completed the course, they can print out their certificate of completion. Further, not only do the students have immediate documentation of successful course completion, they can request that this record become part of an official University of Massachusetts Boston transcript.

In addition to the availability of CEUs on demand, another advantage of the DC learning platform is the cost. DC provides the most affordable learning experience. Each 40-educational-hour training is available for $100.00. There are no additional fees to be paid or books to be purchased. The learning modules are accessible via the Internet; participants with limited or no Internet access also have the option of downloading the materials to study on their own.

To Register

Students must register and pay at the Digital Chalk (DC) website.

  1. Click the link below
  2. Log on (or if you are new to DC, create a free account)
  3. Click on the "Catalog" tab to the right
  4. Select "+ Add" button
  5. Proceed to Checkout

For more information or technical support, please contact:

Dianne Doyle-Pita