Centers and Institutes

Side shot of the Campus Center, students studying.

China Program Center

The China Program Center at UMass Boston seeks to advance scholarly and business collaborations between China and America through innovative programs including practical training, trade missions, government exchanges, and joint academic ventures.
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Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning

The Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning (CIEE), the premier center of its kind, promotes, encourages and sponsors the study of eLearning in the university, corporate, and public sectors.
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Center for Technical Education

The Center for Technical Education was established in 1983 to meet the needs of prospective vocational educators in metropolitan Boston by offering courses leading to vocational education and vocational special needs approval, as well as courses in technology education.
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Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC)

Computing and Information Technologies working in the ethnically diverse urban areas of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas. BATEC is transforming education to develop the IT professional for the 21st century workplace by:

  • defining, extending and strengthening computing and information technology pathways and career opportunities;
  • facilitating and leveraging strategic partnerships with education, business, government and community to build awareness, generate interest, and support learning opportunities;
  • conducting actionable research to inform policy makers, IT educators and workforce development agencies; and
  • participating in and leading the national discussion on the subject of integrated curriculum and applied IT.

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