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About Us

The China Program Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston seeks to advance scholarly and business collaborations between China and America through innovative programs including practical training, trade missions, government exchanges, and joint academic ventures.

The Center serves as an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, political leaders, and academics by providing them with the specific tools needed to build successful American-Chinese joint ventures. It brings extensive business and cultural knowledge about the two countries to its audiences through innovative academic courses, training sessions, internships, workshops, and mentorships.

From preparations for the 2008 Summer Olympics to the explosive economic growth in China to the increased use of English, various leaders from China and America have already begun to realize the incredible advantages afforded them by the alliance of our nations. And as this cooperation increases, so do business and academic opportunities.

UMass Boston's China Program Center addresses a number of important China-related issues — global leadership skills, university faculty training, and graduate and undergraduate degree programs — and for American audiences — knowledge of how to do business in China, China-based cultural programs, and courses that focus on the best practices in the teaching of Mandarin.