How to Do Business in China

A unique, educational opportunity for U.S. Technology business leaders

Presenting a unique, educational opportunity for U.S. technology business executives and senior managers developed by Tsinghua University and the University of Massachusetts Boston. Gain the valuable insights needed for successful business in China in an intensive format taught by Chinese professors and senior Chinese government officials supplemented by leading Chinese businessmen.

The program core is a highly recognized, 5-day immersion course in Beijing, China at the Tsinghua University International Center.

Prior to departure there is a half-day preparatory workshop on best business practices for success in China at the UMass Boston Campus. While in Beijing your program will be expanded to include business matching opportunities and cultural events. There will be a half-day debriefing in Boston to focus on capitalizing on your experience. Participants will receive support making their travel arrangements to ensure a safe and productive trip.

Some Perspective

Against the backdrop of a global economic slowdown, China is one of the few bright spots on the landscape. GDP growth has been steady and domestic demand is strong. China's entry into the World Trade Organization and the hosting of the Olympics Games will further stimulate economic growth and accelerate its integration into the global economy.

In the new world economy, barriers - everywhere - are lifting. Borders that once separated countries and philosophies have, in fact, become gateways to vast, new business opportunities.

While the door to prosperity is open to all, only those corporate leaders with insight will succeed in identifying and seizing the opportunities with the greatest promise. This reality poses one very practical question: How do executives with limited time and resources gain the insight they need for business success in China?

"How to do Business in China" was designed by Tsinghua University and UMass Boston to solve this problem. The program is tailored to enable business executives to understand the Chinese business environment and provide a perfect opportunity for networking with high profile Chinese officials and business executives. As a result, participants enhance their capacity to lead their companies in what has become the most dynamic and challenging business environment ever.

Specifically, participants will:

The total experience helps corporate executives remove external barriers and gain leading-edge, strategic business insights. Ultimately, they return to their corporations better prepared to meet the growing demands of international leadership, especially in developing the Chinese market.

Pre-Trip Workshop

A half-day pre-trip workshop will answer questions and provide background for maximizing participants’ experience. This workshop addresses the best business practices for success in China. A half-day de-briefing after returning from China will help participants solidify plans to capitalize on what they learned.

Main Topics for the 5-day "in-country" immersion program


About Tsinghua University

With a splendid legacy accumulated over the past 90 years, Tsinghua has retained its character and charm while promoting rigorous scholarship research, ensuring academic and educational prestige in China and abroad. The university currently has over 7,100 faculty and staff, with over 900 full professors and 1,200 associate professors, including 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Situated on several former royal gardens of the Qing Dynasty, surrounded by a few historical sites in northwest Beijing, is the campus of Tsinghua University. The garden-like landscape, with the Wanquan River meandering through, has inspired and motivated generations of students.


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