Vocational-Technical Instructor Licensure Sequence

The Center offers the following sequence of undergraduate competency-based courses to satisfy the 21-credit requirement of the Massachusetts Department of Education for vocational instructor licensure. These courses focus on how to:

  • design and deliver appropriate lesson plans;
  • effectively communicate with a wide range of students in terms of age, developmental stage, social, and cultural backgrounds;
  • and elicit, evaluate, and use classroom feedback.

Upon passing the written practical examinations in his or her trade area, an individual is awarded a preliminary license and may be employed for five years as an instructor in a Massachusetts vocational-technical school. Note: A literacy test is required for individuals who seek a vocational-technical license.

To move from a preliminary license to a permanent license, instructors must have:

  • Completed a one-year induction program.
  • Worked for three years as a teacher under a preliminary license.
  • Must have completed college courses as required.

Additional DOE licensure guidelines are available online at: