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Our undergraduate and graduate programs lead to a certificate granted by one of the University's colleges. The requirements for these programs can be fulfilled either entirely or in part through courses offered by the College of Advancing and Professional Studies.

OL = Available Online
Award Winning Program = Award-Winning Program

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

Professional Development Certificates

Degree Programs

CAPS also offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in counseling, nursing, instructional design and more. Read more.

A Note About Fees

Students enrolling in a degree or certificate program pay a one-time Combined New Student Fee of $643 (undergraduate); $390 (graduate). Students will be billed for this fee; it is not charged at the time of course registration.

State Eligibility

UMass Boston is not currently accepting students for online study who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, or Minnesota, due to regulations in those states.