Dan Almeida PhD, Simmons College, BCBA-D
Applied Behavior Analysis: Preference Assessment, Functional Assessment, Autism Treatment, Transition to Adulthood, Severe Challenging Behavior, Organizational Behavior Management

Frank Bird, MEd, Boston College, BCBA
Applied Behavior Analysis: Research to Practice, Ethical Practices, Functional Behavior Assessment, Program Integrity, Severe Challenging Behaviors

Mary E. Brady, PhD, MBA, Boston College
Administration and Program Design, Curriculum Design for students with severe disabilities, Innovative Models of Professional Development.

James T Chok, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, BCBA-D
Applied Behavior Analysis: Stereotypy, Functional Analysis, Anxiety, severe challenging behavior.

Rita Gardner, MPH, Boston University, BCBA
Organizational Behavior Management, Systems Analysis, Applied Behavior Analysis: Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism.

Jill M. Harper, PhD, University of Florida, BCBA-D
Applied Behavior Analysis: Assessment and Treatment of Severe Behavior Problems.

Nicole A. Heal, PhD, University of Kansas, BCBA-D
Applied Behavior Analysis: Designing Efficacious and Preferred Learning Environments, Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior.

Melissa B. Loureiro, MA, CAGS, University of Massachusetts Boston, BCBA
Applied Behavior Analysis: consultation within a public school setting, positive behavior interventions and supports, supporting students with social- emotional needs within a public school setting, functional behavior assessments.

Jacquelyn M. MacDonald, PhD, Western New England University, BCBA-D
Applied Behavior Analysis: Observational learning, Behavior Momentum, Early Intensive Behavior Intervention research.

Kelly McConnell PhD, Western New England University, BCBA
Applied Behavior Analysis: Assessment and Treatment of Severe Behavior Problems, Promoting Successful Medical Visits.