Following admission to the program, the student’s MS transcript will be reviewed. Students will be advised of the missing required content areas and sent an individualized program of study to review.

A total of 12 credits satisfies the requirement for a post master’s certificate from UMass Boston. Some students may need more courses determined by the CNS advisor's review of the prior MS degree transcript.

The courses available to the CNS post master’s in nursing certificate student are as follows:

  • NURSNG614 Advanced Pathophysiology
  • NURSNG615 Advanced Health Assessment
  • NURSNG631 The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
  • NURSNG634 Advanced Pharmacology

Student who have completed pharmacology within five years of application and are currently practicing in the area of specialization will not need to repeat the course. Other required certificate courses must be within seven years and all courses must show a B or better on the transcript to be recognized for waiver consideration. All required courses are offered every semester in the classroom. Consult the current course offerings.

Clinical hours

Clinical hours that are recognized must be supervised and taken for course credit. The total number of hours from the MS and the post masters must equal 500. The advanced health assessment course, NURSNG 615, allows the student to earn 65 hours. Additional credits in the form of independent study may allow the student to earn more clinical hours in this course.

  • NURSNG664 Clinical Practicum I: Acutely Ill or Critically Ill Patient
  • NURSNG665 Clinical Practicum II: Focus on the CNS Role

Because the student would only take the course(s) that they were missing, they might be short of the 12 credits needed for the certificate. If the student needed additional credits to achieve the 12 credits needed for a certificate, they may take other courses from the MS APN Core or courses to prepare them for the DNP. Students will be advised of available courses by the program director or CNS advisor.