The 16-credit certificate comprises five 3-credit courses and a 1-credit field experience. The six courses are offered on a rotating basis during the fall, spring, and summer. Participants register through the College of Advancing and Professional Studies.

Required Courses

  • COUNSL614 Counseling Theory and Practice I
  • PSYCH614 Forensic Psychology
  • SOCIOL598 Field Experience Project

Two of the following

  • SOCIOL623 Alcohol, Drugs & Crime
  • SOCIOL667 Sociology of Law
  • SOCIOL690 Classic and Contemporary Views of the Nature of Crime
  • SOCIOL691 Contemporary Issues in Responding to Crime

One of the following

  • SOCIOL618 Psychiatric Epidemiology and Forensic Services
  • SOCIOL621 Social Psychiatry
  • SOCIOL682 Sociology of Health and Illness