Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits are required to complete the Certificate in Gerontological Social Policy?

12 credits or 4 courses are required.

How long will it take to complete the Certificate?

You need to take 2 courses a semester, to complete in 2 semesters.

Will I have problems adjusting to taking classes online?

Technical support is available to help students who are taking online classes or who are having concerns. This assistance is available prior to the start of the class and each evening that the course meets online. Most students find that the adjustment to on-line learning is minor, and quickly get the hang of it and find that they establish strong relationships with their professors and the other students in the classes.

What kinds of jobs are available for students who study Gerontology?

Many students work as care managers, ombudsman, admissions representatives, unit managers in assisted living facilities, senior housing, nursing homes, councils’ on aging, home care agencies or senior centers. Some begin their own entrepreneurial interests such as homecare management or adult day programs.