Instructional Technology Design Certificate (online)

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The certificate program is designed to meet the increasing challenges created by the high technology training needs of academic, corporate, and public educators. All courses in the graduate certificate program are offered online.

This certificate program provides participants with the opportunity to design and produce computer-mediated learning activities and interactive multimedia materials, and to make effective use of instructional technology in curriculum development.

Participants seeking the certificate take a total of five courses (15 credits) which offer hands-on experience with software commonly used for face-to-face, online and blended educational materials; as well as studies relating to the place of educational technologies in instructional strategies, techniques of project management, and the proposal and design phases of technology-based instructional development.

Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program. Students are allowed to take up to two (2) Instructional Design courses before application to the certificate program. All credits earned under this graduate certificate may be transferred into the Instructional Design Masters Program.

The program is also open to students currently matriculated in any UMass Boston graduate program. Students may enroll in the program after consulting with academic advisors in their own programs, and should submit a statement of purpose to the director of the ID program. These students must complete INSDSG 601 as their first course in the program, unless a specific exception is sought by the program director.

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