About Us

The Frank J. Manning Certificate Program in Gerontology began in 1980 with a grant from the U.S. Administration on Aging as a joint project of UMass Boston and a leading senior advocacy organization, The Massachusetts Association of Older Americans. It was named in honor of a much revered long time advocate for elder issues in Massachusetts. The program was established in order to help professionals respond to the needs of the growing number of older people in our society. From its inception, the Certificate Program has sought to involve both young and old in the study of aging through providing the skills and resources needed to plan for an aging society.

The Certificate program focuses on 4 main ideas of concern to our aging society: direct care, research, social and public policy, and advocacy.

The Frank J. Manning Certificate Program is part of the Gerontology program of the McCormack Graduate School and all of the courses can be applied towards the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Gerontology.

The Frank J. Manning Certificate Program in Gerontology is closely aligned with the Gerontology Institute and graduate programs in Gerontology.