Adult/Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) Post Master’s, Certificate (online)

The 12- or 21-credit certificate program is designed to assist RNs who have an MS degree in nursing to acquire the knowledge and clinical experience that will prepare them to sit for national certification exams as gero, adult, or family nurse practitioners.

Both prerequisite and required certificate courses are all offered online. Student clinical experiences are arranged by the student and are in agreement with the University of Massachusetts Boston. Upon completing the program, graduates receive a certificate of post master’s graduate education from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Program of Study

The 21-credit option can be completed in two semesters (full-time), or four semesters (part-time). The 12-credit option can be completed in one semester (full-time) or two semesters (part-time).

Upon acceptance, the program director will determine the appropriate program of study that will meet the student’s individual needs.

21-credit certificate

Open to RNs with an MS in nursing from an NLN or CCNE accredited program. The program of study includes nine credits of didactic study and 12 credits of clinical practice in either an adult/gerontology or family practice. In family practice, the 600 hours will include 220 pediatric hours and 80 ob/gyn hours.

12-credit certificate

Open to RNs with an MS in nursing and current national certification as a family, adult, pediatric, or gerontology nurse practitioner. Acute Care NPs will be considered based on their evidence of experience and course content in primary care. Students may select from program options preparing them for the adult/gerontology, or family nurse practitioner certification exams. Students must complete a minimum of six credits of didactic and six credits of clinical coursework, including 300 hours of clinical practice.

A total of 12 credits satisfies the requirement for a post master’s certificate from UMass Boston. Following admission to the program, the student’s MS transcript will be reviewed. Students will be advised of the missing required content/clinical practice areas and sent an individualized program of study for review. Some students may need more courses determined by the NP program advisor’s review of the prior MS degree transcript. The total supervised clinical hours that must be validated in writing from your previous program of study is 300. The UMass Boston total patient contact is 300 supervised clinical hours. The total hours required to by the program of study is a minimum of 300 from the prior program in which you are certified and 300 hours completed while at UMass Boston. A total of 600 supervised clinical hours.

Non-MA Residents

Currently, we are not accepting graduate online nursing students from all US states. For questions regarding eligibility in your state of residence, please contact the Post-Master's Certificate Program in the College of Nursing at 617-287-7285.