The program comprises two six-credit courses. All participants enroll in:

SPAN408 Advanced Techniques and Skills for Translation
Development of the basic techniques and skills needed for translation. Emphasis on translation into the native language with some practice in the opposite direction. Methods of contrastive linguistics to analyze pertinent aspects of language structure, involving syntax, vocabulary and style, are employed. Students are given ample opportunity to apply these techniques through a series of translation assignments, which form the basis for class discussion. Offered in the Fall semester.

SPAN409 Advanced Practice of Translation
Practice in translating a variety of genres and styles, both literary and non-literary. Students have the opportunity to analyze critically, and to resolve creatively, the problems involving such issues in translation as context, register, tone, and audience. Emphasis is on translating into the native language (English/Spanish), but considerable practice is given in the non-native language. Offered in the Spring semester.