Digital Academy Learning Series

University of Massachusetts Boston Digital Academy

The University of Massachusetts Boston Digital Academy is an accelerated certificate-of-completion learning series providing learners with the most sought-after digital competencies many employers seek. The academy, a professional development program for all learners, is ideal for professionals seeking a career change, early-careerists who wish to gain a stackable credential for entry-level positions in the technology industry, or anyone who wishes to step-up and gain new and valuable technology skills.

The Digital Academy Learning Series consists of 4 modules. You can take all the modules in the following sequence or select individual ones:

  1. User Experience (UX)
  2. Essentials of Web Development
  3. Data Analytics (DA) & Business Strategies
  4. Information Technology Project Management

Each module delivers more than 13 hours of instruction: 8 hours of online content, 5 hours on-campus. This is a non-credit offering and is graded on a pass/fail basis; no letter grades are awarded. For successful completion of all 4 modules, you will receive 5.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs); for each module, you will receive 1.3 CEUs.


Module 1: User Experience (UX)

Module 2: Essentials of Web Development

Module 3: Data Analytics (DA) and Business Strategies

Module 4: Information Technology Project Management (IT PM)

Schedule and Fees

This program is not being offered at this time. Please contact with any questions.