Onsite Training

In a world of quickly changing environments, we can help you adapt to the challenges of a changing workplace. We can help enhance your employees’ skills so that they are more efficient, effective, and confident about doing their jobs well.

We can deliver programs to your staff at your facility. We can customize classes to meet the specific needs of your organization, regardless of the size of your company.

We’ll work with you to…

  • Determine your company’s and staff’s needs for skills training. Driven by that assessment, we’ll develop classes that meet your company’s goals.
  • Use training methods that are geared to best meet your needs. We can structure programs that cover a full-day, a half-day, or segments spaced out to accommodate the schedules of your employees.
  • Find a cost-effective solution that increases productivity.
  • Create a flexible solution that meets the needs of your employees at different levels of experience.
  • Provide top-notch university or private sector trainers who know the learning styles of adult learners.
  • Create a class if you don’t see it as one of our offerings.

Our programs

  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
  • Active Listening and Communication Skills for Business Professionals
  • Grant Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Team Building and Team Performance Management
  • Leadership: Leading Diverse Teams
  • Conflict Resolution