Course Fees

Course fees are included with course descriptions. These fees are typically calculated on a per–credit basis, as follows:

Level Per Credit
Undergraduate $410
Graduate $570

In some cases, a course fee may be calculated differently because of special costs or a subsidy.

Typical 3-Credit Course Fee

Level Fee
Undergraduate $1230
Graduate $1710

Lab Fees

Lab fees must be paid for certain courses, as indicated in the course descriptions.

Service Fees

The following combined mandatory summer fee supports programs, activities, and campus facilities beneficial to students, including the following: University Health Services, Athletics, Student Activities, Campus Center operations, and Technology. This fee does not apply to students taking online or off-campus classes.

  • Combined Mandatory Summer Fee: $237

The following fees are paid only by students to whom the specified conditions apply:

Records Fee* $10
Returned Check Fee $28

* For non-matriculated students.

Other Fees

Certain mandatory fees are paid only by undergraduate and graduate students matriculated or seeking to matriculate in a UMass Boston degree or certificate program. Please visit the Bursar’s website (under ‘Other Fee Information’) for a detailed breakout and explanation of these fees.