Plan of Study

The DNP Program can be completed in three years part-time. All courses are offered online and students may be able to access courses from other UMass campuses if determined to be equivalent.

Year One

Semester One - Fall (7cr)

  • NURSNG760 Biostats
  • NURSNG765 Leadership/Management in Health Care

Semester Two - Spring (6cr)

  • NURSNG616 Evidence Based Practice I
  • NURSNG762 DNP Internship II

Summer One (3cr)

  • Elective*

Year Two

Semester Three - Fall (7cr)

  • NURSNG715 Health Informatics
  • NURSNG716 Evidence Based Practice II
  • NURSNG722 Health Care Systems and Quality

Semester Four - Spring (6cr)

  • NURSNG618 Health Policy Finance and Ethics
  • NURSNG780 Principles of Epidemiology

Year Three

Semester Five - Fall (4cr)

  • NURSNG763 DNP Internship III
  • NURSNG Elective*

Semester Six - Spring (6cr)

  • NURSNG Health Economics/Finance
  • NURSNG764 Capstone Seminar & Internship IV

Please Note:

* Electives can be taken anytime outside of UMass Boston with permission of Director

Capstone Proposal and Project

The program of study builds into the DNP Capstone Proposal and then to your DNP Capstone Project completion and Doctoral defense. After demonstrating competence in first year coursework, all students begin the process of developing a meaningful major practice-based implementation change in healthcare organization or system. Upon successful completion of a publishable review of relevant professional literature, students with their advisor, select the members of their Capstone Committee. Meeting with those members individually and collectively, you will rapidly develop your Capstone Project Proposal and formally defend the topic and your approach. On approval by your Committee, you advance to Doctoral Candidacy and do the field work of your DNP Capstone Project. You will complete your project, analyze the outcomes from a PRACTICE perspective and defend your work, demonstrating your ability to analyze and guide change in health care delivery practice, systems processes, or organization of healthcare.