Global Affairs, BA (online)

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The online BA in Global Affairs, the first online bachelor of arts degree to be offered at UMass Boston, is an interdisciplinary program that prepares graduates for advanced study and careers in governance, politics, NGO leadership, consultancy, enterprise systems and management of regional economies.

Students choosing this degree will build a whole-world perspective as they are introduced to topics relevant to concerns shared among nations: cultural awareness and sensitivity, international public policy, international security, international development, economics, and environment and geography. Students must complete 120 credits to earn their degree. The Global Affairs major comprises 33 credits, with the remainder selected from general education required courses and electives.

The BA in Global Affairs welcomes both new and transfer students. Students may transfer up to 90 credits from accredited colleges and universities, and from schools with which UMass Boston maintains articulation agreements. Both new and transfer students will need to complete the university’s general education requirements for graduation (world culture, world language and diversity).

An Online Opportunity

The online nature of this bachelor’s degree is ideal for individuals who seek greater flexibility in study and meeting times to achieve their dreams. It it particularly ideal for people who are already employed in or outside the home, or are at some great distance from the campus.

Faculty have received intensive training in developing rigorous, high-quality online educational experiences via the online classroom. And UMass Boston provides the technological systems to receive lessons, submit homework and research papers, and facilitate communications between instructor, student and classmates.

Where will the BA in Global Affairs Lead You?

Graduates of this emerging field of study are already in demand across a wide range of professions in both the public and private sector and in nonprofit organizations, as all employment sectors adjust to globalization. A recent search identified over 1000 positions open in the Boston area with the term “international” or “global” in the job description. Positions were found in higher education in areas such as International Programs, Diversity, and Multicultural affairs.