Plan of Study

All courses in the MEd program can be taken either online or in a blended format. When completing the Masters program, all students, local and long-distant, must take an elective in the Summer Intensive Program (SIP). SIP offers two distinct 6-week blended, 5-weeks of online study and 1-week of face-to-face, residential coursework. Students are required to complete the 1-week of residential course study in the Boston area. INSDSG610 Video Principles in Instructional Design and INSDSG612 Strategies for Teaching Adults are the two SIP offerings students may choose from. It is highly recommended that students take their SIP course early in their plan of study.

Note: Only students completing the Masters in Education degree are eligible to attend SIP.

Non-degree students are invited to select individual courses to meet their career development or other specialized needs; their enrollment in courses is on a space-available basis.

Required Core Courses

The program curriculum includes courses in two areas:

Area I: Instructional Design Core Courses

The following eight (8) courses, required of all Masters degree seeking candidates, provide a foundation and a context for the instructional design process. The first two courses (INSDSG601 and 602) form the basis of the program and should be completed first.

Area II: Electives

Students choose four (4) electives to complete the requirements of the Masters of Education in instructional design. Current elective course offerings include:

* INSDSG690 The Capstone or Thesis
An instructional design capstone or thesis is required of all degree candidates for the MEd. For additional information please consult the ID Program Office:

** INSDSG696 Independent Study
This option is available only with advanced permission of the program director.

*** INSDSG697 Internship
This option is available only with advanced permission of the program director.

Additional Electives

In order to complete the 36-credit program, students may choose up to two (2) electives from a wide range of graduate offerings throughout the University. This option is available only with advanced permission of the program director.

Academic Advising and Course Selection

Upon matriculation, all students are assigned an Academic Advisor who assists with recommendations for the students’ Plan of Study (POS). Students are encouraged to connect with their faculty advisor each semester for prior approval of course selection.