MEd Learning, Teaching, and Educational Transformation (non-licensure)

A blended program: face-to-face, online, or in combination

The Master of Education track in Learning, Teaching, and Educational Transformation allows students to pursue diverse inquiries and practical projects building on a foundation in curriculum development, research and writing, and collaborative action for change and social justice through education. Because this track is designed for individuals who do not wish to be certified in Massachusetts (or who are already certified), it helps students work in a broad range of education-related professions including those outside of classroom teaching, such as adult- and community-based education, educational research, policy analysis, philanthropy, and advocacy.

With assistance from a faculty advisor, students design a sequence of education-related courses to support their specific interests. The current faculty advisors have special interests and experience in Asian American Studies, ethnic studies, urban studies, curriculum studies, teachers as writers, applied behavior analysis, critical and creative thinking, science in its social context, and education in technology-mediated environments.

This MEd track is offered by the College of Education and Human Development with support from the College of Advancing and Professional Studies for online, winter, and summer courses.