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Alumni Advising Network

Sign up to become a career advising volunteer through the ID Alumni Network. The Network is designed to give UMass Boston-Instructional Design students and graduates an opportunity to seek career advice from alumni who have volunteered to serve in this capacity. In addition to providing career information, volunteers can also be a valuable source of information for individuals considering relocation to a new geographic area.

Access to the Network is limited to UMass Boston-Instructional Design students and alumni. To become an advisor, send and email to the Instructional Design Office at or call 617.287.7749.

Alumni Records

The Instructional Design Program office maintains a database of the known home and work contact information of UMass Boston-Instructional Design alumni. Alumni contact information is updated only when you provide us your most current information. Please use our update form whenever you move or change jobs to ensure that you continue to receive periodic email notices.

Career Services

Your fellow alumni are the best source of information on open positions in the area. If your company is looking for qualified individuals, please contact the Instructional Design office with your job postings. If you are seeking a new position, please contact the Instructional Design office.

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