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Students in Jamaica

Spring 2017


Environmental Studies Study Abroad: Science, Society, and Sustainability
March 11 - 19, 2017

(This program will not be offered this spring) Students will visit the country of Haiti and explore the environmental and social issues. Academic learning will be enhanced through participation in an on-going needs based service project which aims to improve the living conditions for families who live near the lake.
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Summer 2017


Maya Archaeology Field School in Belize
June 19 - July 13, 2017

The project area and field camp are located in a tropical rainforest within the Program for Belize Conservation Area - a protected reserve for flora, fauna, and archaeological remains.
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Quito, Ecuador

Conflict Transformation Across Borders: Summer Training Institute
June 26 - July 14, 2017

This summer institute in Ecuador is designed to equip students and future peace builders with practical tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience to understand the complexities of conflicts within and across border regions.
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Siena, Italy

Food and Culture: The Italian Experience
June 3 - 18, 2017

The course will be an intensive, full-immersion academic and cultural exploration centered on the theme of Food and Culture in the perfectly preserved, magical medieval city of Siena.
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Armagh, Northern Ireland

Summer Institute in Northern Ireland: Lessons in Community Peacebuilding
July 8-18, 2017

The summer institute will focus on the enormous achievements of local activists and agencies in bringing Armagh to its current state of peace, through years of community dialogue, negotiation and with the formation of new institutions and processes.
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Each summer and winter the College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS) offer students the chance to participate in international programs based all across the planet.

These three- to four-week long programs will expose you to an array of unique cultures, people, politics, histories, languages, arts, and archaeological treasures. Every program is accompanied by an experienced UMass Boston professor.


Please be advised that international programs are subject to change, slight or major, at any time due to circumstances beyond our control; this includes any and all fees, dates, itinerary, and program activities. We will do our best to inform all applicants of any changes in as timely a manner as possible.

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