Summer Internship in China

Internship Students in China

Experience will include:

  • Six-weeks of work as interns in local Chinese companies in the “Silicon Valley” of China
  • Time spent in Xi’an, the cradle of ancient civilization in China
  • Networking opportunities with different business people and corporations in China
  • Working on a group report on the differences between Chinese and American culture
  • Opportunities to visit on your own the Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum, Bell Tower, the City Wall and other ancient relics near Xi’an, an ancient capital city for 13 Chinese dynasties
  • Explore the city of Beijing and Shanghai on your own

Program Overview

For the past four years, College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS) has administered the award-winning Fulbright-Hays program, which provides full immersion experiences including summer internship and academic studies in Xi’an, China. This summer, for the first time, we are extending the summer internship program to all UMass Boston students who are interested. All internship positions will be within the Xi’an High Tech Zone in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province in China. The zone has been called the “Silicon Valley” of China, which is home to over 30,000 high tech companies. We will work with our students to create internship positions based on their interests.

In previous years, students have worked on significant projects in positions such as HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Hi Tech, etc. Companies they worked for included Price Waterhouse Coopers, Trimble, Rockwell Automation, Newegg, etc. The following are some of the projects our students worked on:

  • Worked directly with the CEO on a proposal for the third largest Chinese automaker to open an auto R&D Center in Detroit
  • Worked with a VP to create an employee stock options package
  • Worked in the training department to research and train employees on agile development and SCRUM
  • Worked in sales and marketing traveling to meet with company prospects
  • Conducted English classes and training courses on different topics
  • Worked in coding and software development
  • Conducted product research for an educational software company

Students will work in Chinese companies from Monday to Friday for six weeks except one afternoon when they will gather to attend seminars on topics such as the cultural differences between China and America or work on their report about business cultural differences.

This internship will help you understand the challenges and opportunities in a global setting. Your experiential learning gained through this program will help your resume stand out among your peers because companies today are seeking college graduates who are comfortable with cross cultural communication and possess the understanding of how business is conducted in a market of over 1.3 billion people.

Academic Credit

Participants can earn three UMass Boston credits. You may contact your department regarding how the credits may be applied to your major.

The Faculty

Wanli Hu, program director of the Fulbright Hays program, and Kaitlyn Lee, the coordinator of the Fulbright Hays program, are the facilitators of this program and will make arrangements with Xi’an High Tech Zone to place students within one of the companies in the Zone. Kaitlyn Lee, the instructor of the course, will organize seminars focusing on business cultural differences between China and America and Chinese etiquette, especially in a business setting.


Please be advised that international programs are subject to change, slight or major, at any time due to circumstances beyond our control; this includes any and all fees, dates, itinerary, and program activities. We will do our best to inform all applicants of any changes in as timely a manner as possible.

Schedule and Fee

Program Runs
July 1 - August 12, 2016

Program Fee

* $1,200 will be paid to UMass Boston as tuition. $500 will be paid to UMass Boston for visa application.

The estimated fee covering all lodging, ground transportation, meals and international flight is roughly around $3,500, subject to change depending on the market rate.

To Apply

This course is open to all University of Massachusetts Boston students. Individuals from other colleges and universities are also welcome to apply.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Early applications are strongly recommended as space is limited.

ยป Download Application [pdf]

Request Information

For more information, please contact:

Kaitlyn Lee
t: 781.475.9610