Comparative Study Tour: Focus on Inclusive Policies, Practices, and Education Reforms In Poland

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Lublin, Kraków and Warsaw, Poland

The College of Education and Human Development, the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development, and the College of Advancing and Professional Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, in collaboration with the John Paul II University in Lublin, Poland are pleased to announce the following study abroad program.

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Program Highlights

Program Overview

Designed for educators, researchers, and professionals, this study tour will allow participants to translate their local knowledge to an international setting, Poland, through a comparative framework that focuses on disability policy and practice issues of inclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to observe the structure and delivery of education for children with disabilities and the supports provided for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Participants will observe a system undergoing rapid systems change as the country implements European Union standards. Through a joint seminar at John Paul II University, as well as site visits to schools and community-based services, participants will examine how Poland’s history, culture and context shaped the current approach to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We will meet with NGOs, researchers, and representatives of Polish education and social service systems for briefings on topics including but not limited to: historical and contemporary prevalence data, educational interventions and outcomes, health service structures, emerging strategies for long term care, and social welfare interventions and policies.

Daily briefings will provide many opportunities to share information, insights, and resources, and to network and develop professional connections with our Polish colleagues. In addition, enriching context will be provided through a number of cultural excursions that will explore Poland’s rich and complex history.

Courses and Credit

Participants will earn 3 graduate credits in

The course is also open to advanced undergraduates and working professionals with the permission of the instructor.

Schedule & Fee

This program is not being offered at this time. Please contact with any questions.


Felicia L. Wilczenski, EdD, is Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Request Information

For application and further information, please contact:
Karol Victoria Guzman

For more academic information:
Felicia L. Wilczenski, EdD,
Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Development
School for Global Inclusion and Social Development
University of Massachusetts Boston