Eligibility for Enrollment

UMass Boston undergraduate credit courses are open to:

  1. Students who may be considering matriculation into a degree program at UMass Boston or elsewhere;
  2. Students matriculated at other institutions who will use UMass Boston credits to meet degree requirements at their home institutions; and
  3. Matriculated UMass Boston students.

Anyone who has graduated from high school or who has earned a high school equivalency certificate is invited to begin or continue taking courses at UMass Boston. Please see the regulations governing academic retention standards for matriculated and non-matriculated students.

Before registering for undergraduate courses, the University assumes that students registering for these courses will accurately assess their ability to do college-level work.

State Eligibility

UMass Boston is not currently accepting students for online study who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, or Minnesota, due to regulations in those states.

Specific CLA/CSM Requirements

Many courses described in this publication fulfill CLA and CSM distribution requirements. To be sure of taking distribution courses that will meet their degree requirements, all CLA and CSM matriculated students should, before registering, pick up advising materials concerning distribution requirements from the University Advising Center (Campus Center, 1st floor, room 1280; 617.287.5500).

Materials concerning the CLA/CSM writing proficiency requirement are available from the Core Curriculum Office, CC-2-2100; 617.287.6330.

Prerequisites and Permission

It is the responsibility of students to meet course prerequisites. If you are uncertain about whether you have met a prerequisite, you should contact the appropriate academic department or program.

Certain courses, as their descriptions indicate, cannot be taken without special permission. If you need such permission, you can learn what procedure to follow by calling the Registration Information line at 617.287.6200. Be sure that the appropriate initials appear in the ’Faculty Initials’ column on your registration form.

Graduate Courses

Students who have not formally been admitted into UMass Boston graduate programs may enroll in graduate courses offered through the College of Advancing and Professional Studies, providing they hold a bachelor’s degree and meet course prerequisites. Up to six credits earned in courses taken before admission to a graduate degree or certificate program may be counted toward the requirements for that program, with the permission of the program director; however, completion of these courses does not imply admission to the program. Some courses require permission from the appropriate graduate program director(s); this is indicated in the individual course listings. If you need permission to enroll, you can learn what procedure to follow by calling the appropriate program office at one of the numbers listed below.

More Information

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