Pass/Fail Option

Many courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis. It is the student’s responsibility to decide whether doing so is appropriate for a particular course. When the student earns a Pass (P) grade, units for the course count as graduation units, but the grade has no bearing on the student’s cumulative average. A Fail (F) grade affects the student’s cumulative average as a regular "F" would.

The pass/fail option is limited to one course per semester and one course per summer. UMass Boston students may use the pass/fail option for a maximum of eight courses during their undergraduate careers. Graduate students may not take courses on a pass/fail basis. A course exceeding five units cannot be taken pass/fail.

A student wishing to take a course on a pass/fail basis must use the University’s WISER student self-service system (details on using the system will be provided to all newly registered students). To learn how to select the Pass/Fail option in WISER , the following link will take you to the WISER help page:

Before exercising the pass/fail option, students from other institutions should consult an advisor or check their institutional or departmental requirements concerning transfer credit.

For the College of Advancing and Professional Studies deadlines, please see the appropriate Academic Calendar.

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