Campus Closing

The University of Massachusetts Boston campus is closed today, Monday, February 8. All classes and activities are canceled. For information, visit


Waiver Policy

The College of Advancing and Professional Studies will accept course fee waivers for those persons meeting the eligibility requirements described below, providing the courses they wish to take are adequately supported by fees from paying students, and providing space is available.

Waiver Coverage

Course fee waiver policies apply only at the current standard per credit rate for both undergraduate and graduate credit. Thus, in the case of a course with extraordinary costs necessitating a higher than standard course fee, course fee waivers will be granted for only the amount of the standard course fee. The additional costs, above the standard course fee, will be paid by the student. Several plans of study may accept waivers for 50% of the standard course fee. Check with the individual departments to see if your courses qualify.

Registration fees, service fees, lab fees, and other mandatory fees must be paid in full. Original course fee waivers must be submitted directly to Bursar’s Office.


Waivers cannot be used for special programs, field schools, international programs, summer institutes, special programs on Nantucket or the UMass Dartmouth campus.

Waivers may also not be used for MUSIC 185 Private Music Lessons, Independent Study, or other special courses. Per university policy, the College of Advancing and Professional Studies no longer grants waivers to senior citizens.


Qualified veterans are eligible for course fee waivers under the following conditions:

  1. They must be matriculated in a UMass Boston degree program.
  2. The course for which the waiver is being used must be a credit-bearing course.
  3. To determine eligibility, veterans must present DD 214 (military discharge) to the UMass Boston Veterans Affairs Office located on the 4th floor of the Campus Center (tel. 617.287.5875).

Please Note: The University of Massachusetts Welcome Home Waiver Program offered to Massachusetts veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts does not apply to College of Advancing and Professional Studies courses.

State Employees

Full-time state employees and their spouses are eligible for a 50% course fee waiver upon submission of a properly completed "Certificate of Eligibility" at the time of registration.

Full-time employees of public higher education, their spouses, and their dependent children are eligible for a 50% course fee waiver upon submission of a completed "Certificate of Eligibility" at the time of registration. This benefit also applies to full-time employees of Essex Agricultural and Technical High School.

This benefit is provided only to individual state employees and other eligible persons as noted above. In the case of a state department or agency co-sponsoring education for its employees, the department is directly responsible to UMass Boston for the full cost of the program.

The College of Advancing and Professional Studies cannot honor vouchers issued to cooperating practitioners by the state-funded programs of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, or Worcester.