Biology on Nantucket

Coastal Ecology (BIOL 100)

3 Credits
This marine biology course serves as an introduction to field research methods and will familiarize students with the flora and fauna of the unique island of Nantucket. Investigations of the natural history and community dynamics of salt marshes, sea grass beds, mudflats and beaches are explored. Field and laboratory exercises on the adaptations and interactions of marine organisms are emphasized. Meets every weekday during two weeks of the summer at the University's field station on Nantucket.

Distribution Area: Natural Sciences.

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Greg Beck

Marine and Coastal Ecological Research (BIOL 306/506)

3 Credits - Undergraduate or Graduate
Supervised research on the adaptations and interactions of organisms of the beaches, salt marshes, sand dunes, and embayments of Nantucket. Meets every weekday during two weeks of the summer at the University’s Field Station on Nantucket. In addition to learning the ecology of Nantucket’s fascinating marine and coastal habitats, this course will give students experience in field research, experimental design, data analysis, and research presentation.

Prerequisite: BIOL 210 or 252 or 290.

Note: Please contact Professor Boyle to see if your course load may be considered equivalent to the listed prerequisites.

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Elizabeth Boyle

Schedule and Fee

Programs run:
Biol 100:
Jul 12-25, 2015 - Cancelled

Biol 306/506:
Jul 26-Aug 8, 2015

Course fees:
Biol 306: $1,575
Biol 506: $1,990

The fee for this course covers instruction and housing on Nantucket.

It does not cover meals or transportation to and from Nantucket.

To Apply

For Biol 306/506
Application deadline: July 6

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