Admissions Overview


Welcome to the Counseling and School Psychology admissions information page! We are excited that you are considering our program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. This page provides prospective students with the necessary information regarding the admissions process. If you have questions after reviewing this webpage, please feel free to email Dan Torres.   

While this page is informative, please read the program specific page before applying:

Counseling (Family Therapy; Mental Health; School Counseling)
School Psychology (MEd/EdS)
PhD in Counseling Psychology and PhD in School Psychology


In an effort to save trees, the department no longer produces or sends brochures to prospective students. The Department of Counseling and School Psychology recommends that prospective students review our web page for general information. The vast majority of questions can be answered by reading our website.

Our program accepts students once a year for the summer/fall semester (online programs begin in the summer). Our master’s degree application deadline is January 2 and our PhD program’s deadline is December 1. Our programs do not accept students for the spring semester.

We strongly recommend that applicants submit applications online. The online application, which can be saved before submission, allows for uploading of your application materials other than transcripts and test scores. Alternately, applicants can print out a PDF version of the application and submit it via mail. Your application materials should be submitted together; items received separately will be accepted, but doing so delays the completion of your application. If you do not submit all the required application materials, we will be unable to make a final decision.  

Applicants are required to submit sealed official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended – even for non-degree and transfer courses – and we recommend that they be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions directly from the issuing institution.  

All supporting materials must be mailed exactly to:

Office of Graduate Admissions at UMass Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston MA. 02125-3393.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have ever changed your name or have used multiple names, please make sure to inform an evaluator at the Office of Graduate Admissions. Many transcripts arrive with a different name, making it difficult for the Graduate Admissions Office to locate and process your transcript correctly.


If you need to make corrections or revisions to your application, please email the Graduate Admissions Office at DO NOT submit a second application for the same program and semester. It is also important to remember that UMass Boston will only send you a decision after your application is complete so please check the status of your application.    

You may apply to two or more programs, but you must submit a separate application and fee for each application.  Also, applying to more than one program requires its own set of supporting materials (letters of recommendation, essay, etc.).  However, transcripts and test scores may be used in common between multiple applications.

Once you submit your application, UMass Boston will automatically email you a user ID number. Please keep a record of this ID. A few weeks later, UMass’s automated system will email you an access code. If you don’t find an email with an ID and access code, please check your spam inbox. With the ID and access code, you can access your application online to see if your application materials have been processed. Due to the large number of applications, it can take 10-15 business days  for the Office of Graduate Admissions to process your materials and update your application status. Nevertheless, your documents will be time stamped the day it arrives. Please be patient. You can be assured that our admissions committees will give your file full and complete consideration for your application.


A strong applicant should have at least two to three social science courses. We define social sciences broadly (anthropology, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, counseling, etc.). And at least one year of relevant work, volunteer or research before applying. .

We require GRE score (institution code 3924, no department code needed) from all applicants unless you have a master’s degree from an accredited university. Please note that the Mental Health program will only waive the GREs if an applicant have a master's degree in a related field. A closely related fields may include: psychology, counseling, criminal justice, sociology, and social work. If you are in doubt, please email Dan Torres.

Please do your best on the GRE, but keep in mind that the test is but one criterion that we use in assessing applicants. The department will review your entire application before making a final decision. We typically interview students between February and early March and we strive to make a final decision by April 1.

Transfer credit and signing for classes as a non-degree student

The maximum number of credits a student can begin our program with is 12 credits. You are able to do 6 credits as a non-degree student at UMass and you can transfer in 6 credits from another institution. Please visit here for details on transfer credit. Please make sure to send the professor a copy of your transcript and any supporting materials you might have from the class. For example, the course description from a syllabus is a very helpful document for professors to make a timely and accurate assessment of your transfer credits.  

For prospective ONLINE students ONLY:

All online programs begin in the summer. The online Mental Health and online School Counseling programs require students to attend a two-week intensive summer course at UMass Dartmouth.