Online SC FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply after the deadline?

We encourage all applicants to apply early; however, we will accept applications after the deadline on a space-available basis. Please contact Dan Torres to see if space is available. 

What accreditation does the university and program have?
The University of Massachusetts Boston is regionally accredited through NEASC (New England Association for Schools and Colleges). As of 2013, the school counseling program is now accredited by the MPCAC (Master’s in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council).  UMass Boston’s MEd in School Counseling program is ranked #4 in the U.S. by In a review of schools across the nation, UMass Boston’s program stood out in both quality and affordability.

How many credits are required to complete the master’s degree?
60 credits

How much does each course cost?
Course fees per credit for all students regarding residency pay the College of Advancing and Professional Studies credit course fee page

Are there any additional costs?
Every online student pays a one-time "travel fee" that helps the department maintain a fund that enables internship and department faculty to travel to internship sites if necessary. This fee is assessed during the internship year. Most internship sites do not require a visit; but if they do, our fund will sponsor the professor’s travel.

What's UMass Boston's waiver policy? Read more by visiting our waiver policy page.  

Is there an on campus requirement?
Yes, students must attend a two-week session during the first summer, during which time they complete two courses. The sessions are held at UMass Dartmouth. Housing is available at a reasonable rate. Each summer, the two-week session is typically held the last week of June through the first week of July.

Will the program lead to certification/licensure?
Our program is designed to fulfill the academic requirements for licensure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a School Counselor. Students living outside of Massachusetts should check their state’s certification/licensure requirements.

How many courses will be offered online?
Except for the two courses taken in the first summer semester, all other courses are offered online.

Can I complete my practicum and internship close to my residence, even out of state?
Yes, students are able to complete the practicum and internship close to their residence as long as you obtain an approved site supervisor (i.e., a state licensed professional school counselor). Field placements completed abroad may be approved but require professor approval.

What is the format for the courses? 
We use both synchronous and asynchronous platforms to deliver course content. For the synchronous content delivery, students meet in an online classroom with their fellow classmates and the professor to engage in discussion on course content. These synchronous meetings occur once a week for the duration of the course (12 weeks) for one hour sessions (with the exception of the practicum and internship seminars, which last one and a half hours). The meeting times for the synchronous sessions typically occur from 5pm EST onward. For asynchronous content delivery, students can access related course materials, such as lecture notes, videos, PowerPoints, etc. and will be asked to engage in written discussions on the material. The asynchronous content is available 24/7, and students receive weekly deadlines to complete assigned work.

What are the computer requirements and internet connection requirements for participation?
The College of Advancing and Professional Studies website describes computer and Internet connection requirements.

Will my degree show I have taken these courses online?
Transcripts will reflect that you have completed coursework in counseling, but no indication of the instructional format will be indicated.

How will I get to know my colleagues, other students?
The intensive two-week session in the first summer is designed to foster communication and feelings of connectedness to other students. Also, the program is conducted as a cohort so students will know each other well.

Can I receive financial aid in this program?
Yes, financial aid may be available to students. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office

How many students enter the cohort program each year?
On average there are 15 students that enter the program each year, allowing for close relationships with faculty and fellow students in the program.

Got more questions about admissions? Please email Dan Torres.