Online SC Plan of Study

Plan of Study

Two weeks of on campus study are required to complete two clinical courses at the UMass Dartmouth campus.  These clinical courses are taught during the first summer of the program over a two week period, and students must be present at UMass Dartmouth to complete this work. Typically, the clinical courses are held from the last week of June through the first week of July. Housing is available to all online students at a reasonable rate (housing information will be provided by the program director upon request). The class will be a cohort of students from Massachusetts, other states, and international locations, and the program requires that all students in this cohort participate and follow the program of study exactly.

Summer - Year One
COUNSL 633 - Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in School Counseling
COUNSL614 Counseling Theory and Practice I (on campus)
COUNSL650 Group Counseling for Children & Adolescents (on campus)

Fall - Year One
COUNSL601 Research and Evaluation in Psychology
COUNSL608 Abnormal Psychology
COUNSL630 Orientation to Professional School Counseling

Spring - Year One
COUNSL617 Child and Adolescent Counseling
COUNSL632 Collaborative Consultation in Schools
COUNSL653 Cultural Diversity in Counseling
COUNSL688 Practicum in School Counseling

Summer - Year Two
COUNSL 660 College Readiness Counseling 
COUNSL613 Vocational Development and Career Information
COUNSL620 Clinical Application of Human Development

Fall - Year Two
COUNSL605 Principles of Vocational, Educational, and Psychological Assessment
COUNSL622 Family Therapy Theories
COUNSL698 Internship in School Counseling

Spring - Year Two
COUNSL635 Behavioral Counseling
COUNSL698 Internship in School Counseling