Online MHC FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Can you mail me information about the program? The department decided to go “green” so it is no longer mailing information to prospective students.  For more information, please visit the Department’s website.    

2.) What accreditation does the university and program have? The University of Massachusetts Boston is regionally accredited through NEASC (New England Association for Schools and Colleges). As of 2013, the mental health program is accredited by the MPCAC (Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council).

3.) How many credits can I transfer to your program? To learn more please our transfer credit webpage.    

4.) How much does the program cost? Check our credit course fee page. You can review financial aid options.  

5.) Do you offer rolling admissions? When is the application deadline? No, we do not offer rolling admissions. We admit once a year and the deadline is January 2nd.  You can complete an application here Please remember to indicate summer as the enrollment semester for the online program. In order to review your application, UMass Boston needs to receive official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions that you attended. Please mail all application materials directly to:

The Office of Graduate Admissions

100 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA 02125-3393

6.) How long does it take to complete your program? Most full-time students complete our program in 2 years, if they take at least 9 credits per semester. It will depend if you enroll as a part-time or full-time student. Full-time is at least 9 credits. You may attend part-time, taking less than 9 credits per semester. However, you need to take at least 6 credits per semester to be eligible for federal financial aid.    

7.) Do you have a minimum GRE score? We do not have a minimum GRE score. The professors will consider many factors when reviewing your application. Nevertheless, do your best on the general GRE test.  You do NOT need to submit your GRE score if you have a master's degree in a closely related field from an accredited American university.

8.) Who do I contact if I have more questions about the online Mental Health Counseling program? You can email Dan Torres if you have questions about the application process. However, Professor Esmaeil Mahdavi can answer your more specific questions about the online Mental Health program.       

9.) Who do I contact if I want to enroll in a class at UMass Boston as a non-degree student? Please visit our non-matriculated page for more information. 

10.) If I don’t live in Massachusetts, will this degree give me licensure as a Mental Health Counselor in the state I’m living in?  Applicants must check with their state licensing board and present our program to them to make sure that they are eligible for licensure in their respective state.  Our graduates have been largely successful in obtaining licensure; however, they may have to go through an administrative process to do so. To be 100% certain, we strongly recommend that you check with your local board as such regulation is subject to change.

11.) What is the cost of the two weeks at UMass Dartmouth? All students pay the cost of taking 6 credits, and the additional cost of staying at UMass Dartmouth. The total cost, including housing, breakfast and lunch, is approximately $1,050. You may waive the housing expense, approximately $850, leaving approximately $200 in mandatory fees. Besides the two courses at UMass Dartmouth, all online students take an online course throughout the summer, which usually starts at the end of May and ends in mid-August. The total cost for the summer semester at UMass Dartmouth ends up near $6,000.      

12.) How many classes do I take during my first semester?  You're completing two courses during the two weeks at UMass Dartmouth. Also in late May, all Mental Health online students start ethics, which is their first online course. This online course will last the entire summer, ending in mid-August.