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Family Therapy, MS


  • The Family Therapy program is not accepting students for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The program of Family Therapy in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology is committed to a vision of strengthening healthy families by preparing ethical and qualified professionals who embrace an inclusive perspective of interconnected systems. The program’s curriculum is comprised of basic professional counseling content and theory, and provides comprehensive framework for learning family therapy. The courses lead students to view families as entities within larger social systems and promote collaborative, inclusive, and integrative systems approaches.

The curriculum offers students in the family therapy program an optimal perspective for supporting individuals, families, and communities in urban environments, and provides them with a framework for developing skills to facilitate dialogue with marginalized individuals, families, and communities.

The overall goal of the UMass Boston Family Therapy Program is to prepare competent family therapists who can obtain licensure with the Board of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to be concordant with the College of Education and Human Development educational outcomes and the urban mission of the university. In order to meet this overall goals,

In order to achieve this broad goal, the UMass Boston Family Therapy program offers learning opportunities that include: (i) counseling and family therapy courses that cover the family therapy knowledge content; (ii) experiential exercises in classroom settings that mirror real family therapy situations; (iii) a three semester internship placement at a community agency that serves families in an urban setting; (iv) the integration of theory and practice in a culminating capstone/portfolio product.

For online students only: If you are applying to the online version of this program, please be aware that the start term should be summer on your application (e.g. summer 2014). If you put start term fall (e.g. fall 2014), you will be taking summer courses as a non-degree student which means you will not be eligible for financial aid until the fall semester. The starting term and program cannot be changed once you submit the application. Thank you.