School Psychology Program Capstone Requirements

MEd Capstone: Comprehensive Exam. All students enrolled in the School Psychology program at the MEd level must take and pass a written comprehensive exam in order to satisfy university master's degree requirements. Students who enter the program at the EdS level are exempt from having to take the written exam. Comprehensive exams are usually offered on the first Friday of November and the third Friday of April. Students taking the master’s comprehensive should have taken or be currently enrolled in SPY 601, 602, 603, 604, 607, 653, COUNSL 601, 614, 632, 653, and two additional courses from the program of study for a total of 36 credits. Students may sign up with the departmental administrative assistant to take the exam. Student exams are coded by number and scored anonymously by the program faculty. Students who do not pass the comprehensive exam on the first attempt must retake portions of the exam found to be deficient.

EdS Capstone 1: Praxis II Exam in School Psychology. A passing score on the Praxis II School Psychologist Examination (Praxis II) is required for:

Students take the Praxis II exam as a university capstone for the EdS in School Psychology.  Students are encouraged to take the Praxis II before or during the first semester of the internship year. See ETS for more information. Students must submit their official Praxis II scores directly to the School Psychology Program director. 

EdS Capstone 2: Portfolio in School Psychology. Students are required to submit a professional portfolio as a NASP capstone for the EdS in School Psychology. Throughout the internship, students complete components of the portfolio and submit them to the Seminar Instructor for feedback and adherence to rubrics found in the Appendices of the Fieldwork Handbook. An intern may need to revise and resubmitted repeatedly until the Seminar Instructor judges the component to be portfolio ready. The instructor then assigns a grade to the document, and the intern includes it in the portfolio. The Fieldwork Handbook and the syllabus for SPY688/SPY 691 contain additional information regarding the portfolio.

Program Director: Melissa Pearrow