Teach Next Year

Overview of the Teach Next Year Program

Teach Next Year is an experimental, experiential urban school-based route to earning a master’s degree in education (MEd) and Massachusetts initial teacher licensure through the University of Massachusetts Boston in approximately 12 months. The program features summer courses at the university, followed by integrated teaching and graduate study on site at partner schools.

Participants who complete Teach Next Year and pass the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure will earn initial teacher certification, be eligible for inter-state reciprocity, and meet the requirements for a master’s degree in Education.

A Different Path to Certification

Teach Next Year is designed for college graduates who have completed an academic major in an appropriate discipline, who have exemplary records of leadership and achievement, and who are committed to a career in urban teaching. Graduate course work will be concurrently delivered to supplement and enrich the teaching experiences.

Participants will be full partners in this school-university collaboration dedicated to enhancing learning for all students and strengthening teacher preparation at the University of Massachusetts Boston and for the Boston Public Schools.

Teach Next Year begins in late June, moves into the high school in September, and remains primarily school-based for the remainder of the year. Participants work in various roles with high school students–initially as tutors, co-teachers, and student teachers–and by mid-year as full time teachers with a reduced assignment.

Teach Next Year is designed to build on the interests and expertise of its students, faculty, and the students at our partner schools. Because it is an intensive, site-based educational experience, TNY provides the support of professors, practitioners, and colleagues, while supplying the challenge of study, practice, and exploration.