Elementary Education, MEd

Master's In Elementary Education - Teacher Preparation Program for Initial Licensure*

MEd Elementary Education candidates for Initial Licensure will complete a 36-credit program in a manner that satisfies the state regulations.

*Please note that this program of study is subject to modification due to changes in regulations from the Massachusetts Department of Education or University requirements.

All students seeking elementary initial licensure (grades 1-6) take the following 36-credit sequence of courses.

These core courses were developed to aid students in their graduate level learning process. Core I introduces a developmental perspective on education as well as an inquiry into the issues that face contemporary educators. Core II examines research and current understandings about the methods of teaching specific fields of knowledge. These courses, along with 75 hours of monitored fieldwork, constitute the pre-practicum. The capstone of the program for the Initial Licensure is the semester-long supervised practicum and accompanying portfolio.

Program of Study Elementary Initial Licensure

Practicum Requirements

A full practicum is 14 weeks (one full semester) of supervised student teaching. All candidates for Initial Licensure are required to take the full 6-credit practicum.

Students wishing to do any form of supervised practicum must apply for approval and placement in the semester prior to the one in which the practicum is to take place. Applications are available in the Advising Office. For a spring semester practicum, the applications are due the previous October 1st; for a fall practicum, they are due the previous March 1st.

Field of Knowledge (Elementary)

Competency I of the state’s regulations for licensure covers the knowledge base that teachers must bring to the classroom. For an elementary school teacher this must include enough college course work in the areas that are included in the elementary curriculum to guarantee competence and comfort with the material to be taught. As previously stated, all licensure candidates must achieve passing scores on the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) Communication & Literacy, General Curriculum, and Foundations of Reading tests. The Massachusetts Department of Education gives these tests several times a year.