Courses of Study

The Moderate Disabilities Program offers three courses of study:

  1. Graduate Certificate Leading to Initial Licensure in Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8 or 5-12)

Individuals completing this Certificate fulfill the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requirements for Initial Licensure as Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities. The Certificate offers matriculated students a 27-credit sequence of course work, including 75 hours of monitored pre-practicum field-based experience, and a minimum semester-long supervised practicum (including hours in an inclusive setting).

This program is especially suitable for teachers who seek a second license in Moderate Disabilities. For teachers who currently hold an initial licensure in early childhood, elementary education, and middle/secondary education, partial of their practicum hours will be waived. Upon completion of this program, these teachers will be dual licensed.

  1. M.Ed. Leading to Successive Licensures in Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8 or 5-12)

For those seeking both Initial Licensure and coursework for Professional Licensure in Moderate Disabilities within a Master’s degree, we offer a 39-credit graduate program which meets the academic requirements for both licenses. This program focuses on using data-based teaching practices to develop academic and social skills in a range of learners, emphasizing strategies to combat disproportional representation. The core courses emphasize cross-disciplinary instruction informed by assessment and adapted for a range of learners, including those whose first language is other than English. In the capstone project, students implement units they have developed and evaluate the impact of this instruction on their own students.

  1. M.Ed. leading to Non-Licensure

This Master's degree program is suitable for individuals who are not seeking teacher licenses, but are interested in gaining knowledge and skills in working with students with mild to moderate disabilities.