Practicum Requirements

Practicum Requirements

All students in licensure programs must (1) pass the appropriate MTELs prior to the student teaching (practicum)/internship semester; (2) upload MTEL score reports to the TaskStream account.  Information about TaskStream can be found here. 

MTEL Policy

Massachusetts initial licensure requires a full semester of classroom practicum experience. The practicum places you into the classroom of a cooperating practitioner who provides day-to-day supervision and mentoring. You are expected to slowly take on more and more responsibility until – usually after a few weeks – you are fully responsible for the teaching in the classroom. You also have a supervisor from the university who is expected to visit the school and observe your teaching periodically throughout the semester. Your supervisor will meet with you after the observations for consultation and will also meet with your cooperating teacher. Three meetings in which you, the cooperating practitioner, and your university supervisor confer are required by the state; in this program, university supervisors make a minimum of five observations of your teaching, run a weekly student teaching seminar, and provide you with written responses to your teaching. At the conclusion of the student teaching assignment, the cooperating practitioner and the university supervisor confer about your assessment, and fill out and sign the Practicum Report Form that is submitted with other material for licensure.  The decision of the final grade will be made by the university supervisor.  

Practicum placements are arranged by the Field Placement Office.  All Student Teachers must be placed within one of the program's partner schools, most of which are in urban areas.


Early Childhood

Intent to Student-Teach post graduation

Students enrolled in the Early Childhood Licensure program who graduate without the license may apply to student teach the semester after graduation provided that they can prove eligibility for practicum.


Students should submit a letter outlining their intent to:

Megan Britt
Director of Teacher Education
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125
617-287-7656 (Fax)




Special Education

Students in the Moderate Disabilities Program (PreK-8 or 5-12) are required to work full time in the role of special education teachers of children with moderate disabilities for one full semester. They will assume increasing amounts of responsibility until they are in full, supervised charge of the educational program for a group of students.

MTEL Policy Change