Teaching Social Studies and History to English Language Learners (Graduate Certificate)

Title III – Improving Content Learning for English Language Learners

Since social studies/history is a field that English Language Learners will be exposed to during their entire Pre-K-12 academic careers, the University of Massachusetts Boston offers a four-course certificate in Advanced Strategies in Teaching Social Studies/History to ELLs. The evolution of the project (along with a similar project in Math/ELL) has resulted in UMass Boston Certificates in Advanced Teaching of Social Studies/History to ELLs.

Goals of the Program


The UMass Boston certificate provides teachers with strategies to increase ELL students’ knowledge of academic English and social studies/history achievement. It includes courses in three fields: history, curriculum and Instruction, and applied linguistics. It focuses on the teaching of social studies/history in Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) settings. Topics relate social studies/history instruction and learning to evaluation and assessment, multicultural education, second language teaching methodology, first language maintenance, and applied linguistics. It is open to all ESL, early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary teachers of social studies and/or history.

UMass Boston Courses1

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Teaching Social Studies/History to ELLs

Department of Applied Linguistics
University of Massachusetts Boston W-06-96
Tel.: 617.287.5726
Email: tsell@umb.edu

For more information, please contact:

Mary Cazabon, EdD
Teaching Social Studies/History to ELLs
Department of Applied Linguistics
Email: mary.cazabon@umb.edu



1 Alternate courses can be substituted with the approval of an advisor

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Seeing the Diversity of American History: People, Places, Pedagogy, and Primary Sources with Edward T O'Donnell, History Dept, Holy Cross College
July 6, 2016
9:00-4:00 PM

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