Leadership and Supervision (EECIS)

This concentration is designed for students and current practitioners who aspire to become early childhood leaders as program directors; coordinator; youth, child or family advocates; policy makers; early childhood specialists; or grant managers.  You will acquire skills in supporting educational outcomes, working with communities and families, financing, budgeting, navigating state and federal regulations and policies, supervising, and advocating.


Core EECIS courses for all concentrations


Required courses for preschool concentration:


ECHD 459 – Administration and Supervision of Programs for Young Children

ECHD 450 – Leadership in Early Education and Care - LEAP

ECHD 453 – Team Collaboration and Service Delivery Models

ECDH 290 - Internship in Early Education and Care I (in an administrative setting)

ECHD 492 - Internship in Early Education and Care II (in an administrative setting)