Early Childhood Licensure (EECIS)

This concentration prepares you to work in public school classrooms, pre-kindergarten to grade two.  To teach in the Massachusetts public schools, you must obtain a license from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  The Teacher Education concentration offers a sequence of courses and filed work for undergraduates that lead to teacher licensure.  The program is aligned with local state, and national core standards for school professionals and legal and ethical requirements for “Best” professional practices.


DESE requires that to receive initial teacher licensure PreK-2, you must:


Core EECIS courses for all concentrations


Required courses for teacher education concentration:


ECHD 420 – Instructional Strategies for All Young Children with a Focus on the Arts

ECHD 441 – Science and Mathematics Instruction for all Young Children

EDCG 446 – Understanding Reading: Principles and practices

ECHD 490 – Planning for Meaningful Early Childhood Curriculum/ Practicum 1

* ECHD 491 – Teacher Inquiry/ Practicum II (must be in grade 1 or 2 classroom)


* You must receive passing score on all three tests before you can start the second practicum/student teaching.  There is MTEL preparation workshops on campus to help you achieve a passing score.