Early Intervention (EECIS)

This concentration prepares you to work as a developmental specialist with families of children with development delays and disabilities. Early Intervention (EI) is an integrated developmental service available to all families of children between birth and three years of age, for whom there are developmental concerns due to identified disabilities (e.g. cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome) certain birth circumstances, environmental circumstances, or delay in one or more areas of development.  Students completing the program become an EI Developmental Specialist certified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.


Core EECIS courses for all concentrations


Required courses for EI concentration:


ECHD 208 – Introduction to Infant Toddler Care and Education

ECHD 466 - Early Intervention

ECHD 453 – Team Collaboration and Service Delivery Models

ECDH 290 - Internship in Early Education and Care I (in an early intervention program)

ECHD 492 - Internship in Early Education and Care II (in an early intervention program)