Preschool Education and Care (EECIS)

This concentration prepares you to work with children ages 3-6 in early childhood education programs.  You will learn to create positive environments, conduct curriculum and assessment, and foster family engagement.  Your internships may include placements in center-based, Head Start, or family child care programs.


Core EECIS courses for all concentrations


Required courses for preschool concentration:


ECHD 441 – Science and Mathematics Instruction for all Young Children

ECHD 430 – Technology for All Young Children

ECHD 420 – Instructional Strategies for All Young Children with a Focus on the Arts

ECDH 290 - Internship in Early Education and Care I (in a preschool classroom)

ECHD 492 - Internship in Early Education and Care II (in a preschool classroom)