Youth and Community Outreach (EECIS)

If you want to work with school-age children and youth in Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) program as an out of school time (OST) leader, or in an enrichment and community service program, you will benefit from this concentration.  You will develop skills appropriate to supporting children and youth learning in informal settings, as well as forging links with and between families and community resources.


Core EECIS courses for all concentrations


Required courses for youth and community outreach concentration:


ECHD 441 – Science and Mathematics Instruction for all Young Children

ECHD 449 – Sheltered English Instruction

ECHD 457- Youth education in out-of-school setting through community based and youth service organizations

ECDH 290 - Internship in Early Education and Care I (in a OST classroom)

ECHD 492 - Internship in Early Education and Care II (in a OST classroom)