Middle/Secondary Education (Minor)

Students who are interested in the field of education can add a minor in secondary education to complement their studies in the liberal arts. Massachusetts Initial teacher licensure is also possible through the minor plus additional coursework for grades 5-12 in English, History, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  For students interested in Music K-12 licensure, please contact the Music Department.  For students interested in Math or Science Education, please see our UTeach Program.

The Minor in Secondary Education is comprised of six courses (18 credits):

EDC U 241 Introduction to Urban Education

EDC U 230 Inclusion K-12

EDC U 310 Technology in Education

EDC U 406 Sociocultural Perspectives on Education

EDC U 460 Designing Secondary Curriculum & Learning Strategies

A Teaching Methodology course selected from: EDC U 466 (History), EDC U 467 (English), APLING 611 (Spanish), or CHINSE 320 (Mandarin Chinese)

For students interested in Massachusetts Initial Licensure for grades 5-12, the following additional courses are required:

EDC U 451 Rethinking Equity in Teaching English Language Learners (3 credits)

EDC U 499 Practicum and Seminar (12 credits)

In addition, students seeking licensure must pass both the Communication and Literacy MTEL as well as their subject-specific MTEL prior to their Practicum (student teaching) semester.  Information and registration for the MTEL can be found at www.mtel.nesinc.com